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PCD Saw Blade

(Summary description)

PCD Saw Blade

(Summary description)


PCD Diamond Saw Blade For Laminate Melamine MDF Plywood Board

Application:Solid Wood, Plywood, Particle Board, Fiberboard, Density Board, Veneer Board, MDF, HPL, Laminate, Melamine, Wood Furniture etc.

Usage:Sawmill Wood Furniture Processing

Material:75Cr1/SKS51 + High Grade Tungsten Carbide Tips

Teeth type:TCG Teeth

Size:Can be customized

Service:ODM OEM 


Package:Metal box and cardboard carton

Quality Grade:Industrial grade

1. High modulus of elasticity and high breaking strength.
2. The blunt radius of the cutting edge can be ground very small, not easy to break, and can maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge for a long time.
3. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small and the thermal deformation is small.
4. Special selected polly crystal diamond materials and strictly QC in each process which completely helps to extend the tens of times longer cutting life than normal carbide.

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